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JOTW May 10, 2020


I love your show. You play a lot of songs that I never heard of before and they are Fantastic. Your personality is very strong and you are very gifted in coming across with your shows. March 13, 2010  DJ Paulie



Fill-in for DJ Paulie by WW in 2010


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Hear the full new rendition of 'As Long As I'm Singin' from Karaoke at the VFW 5555 from June 30, 2009 

It was a fun night!  Enjoy and click the link below to hear the Wild Wilson Show outro song!

St. Ives uses Tavern In The Town

My wonderful friend Tom Johnson (Leggo Lambe)
RIP 5/19/1958 - 9/25/2011 You're the best!!!

Delta Dick interviews Wild Wilson

This site  The Web 

Jen, Christy, Lindsey 2010 December
Sue, Heidi, Allison, Christy 2011 February

Welcome to the new WildWilson.com - Where the entertainment comes in the form of polka music, rock music, swing music, and jokes brought forth in the Pod Cast mp3 format. The pod casts update weekly. Whether the pod cast is the polka music show the Wild Wilson show or the Rocks & Swings where rock music and swing music are the key, but you'll hear about anything there, trust me on that one.  Occasionally on the show you'll maybe actually hear funny jokes or stories. If you've heard the shows you know that it would actually be amazing to hear funny jokes (rim shot sfx).  You can download the pod cast for your ipod or mp3 player and listen while out on the road, while exercising, or drinking under a bridge.
There will be photographs of different polka fests or bands performing too. If you have photographs that you'd like to share please email me. We all enjoy photographs and the stories they tell.
What would a site be without links?  Cry  Hence I have 2 pages of links now.  The links continue to grow on those pages.  If you have any links you'd like added please email me.
The show page is there to serve your listening enjoyment.  I'll continue as time permits to build the site.  Please email me with any ideas of what you might like to see on the site as I have a plethora of space.    Info@wildwilson.com if you don't want to hyper-link

Now you know that WildWilson.com is about a pod cast that has entertainment in the form of jokes, swing music, rock music, polka music, and photographs.  Also, those links.
Cool Thank you - the Wildman
Check out my air-check & voice work files
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Michael Medved plugs Wild Wilson

WW Promo for KFAI Wave Project 2005

Wildman KFAI July 2005 Wave Project

Wild Wilson Air-Check

Wild Wilson Voice Work

Wild Wilson Voice Work Edited

1/2 hour air-check KCHK Feb. 2 1996

Dr. Gannon World Wide Polkas Liner

United Liquors Wine Club ad

PostNet ad

Aug Promo on DJ Paulie Show

500th Congrats from Brave Combo

500th Show Promo

Merry Christmus Greeting 2007

Velahsa CD Release Party 9/18/15

Sunshine Feelings forecast liner

United Liquors "you...everything"

Promo Aldo Memorial Day 2008 Show

(Mac) Video of the 5 a.m. club to start the day which makes it great!

(PC) Video of the 5 a.m. club to start the day which makes it great!

Wildman in DJ Paulie studio July

DJ Companion Records (humorous)

DJ Companion Romantic Ad

This has been a PV Production

Intro Polkas are on by Bullshooters

Polska Zabawa (Because of you)

Wildman Cable 34 show Oktober 1998

Roll out the barrel Oktober 3, 2009

Longfellow Serenade Oktober 3, 2009

Just 2 Good 2 Be True 10/3/2009

What are your dreams and desires?

WW Guests on Casual Time Polka 2012

Polska Zubawa Polish Christmas

Dec 2014 DJ Paulie promo with WW

WWS Promo Revised

Brute Force's -Many the Brave One

What to do with your Buck

In 2004 after being in the chats and such I penned this polka fantasy - It would be great!!! Cool click below and give a listen

Polkastock (a fantasy)