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 Wildman...finally a show that deliver the true meaning of life...or a reasonable facsimilie...I love it! - Dan-the polka man - Russia, Ohio - 1/26/05
Keep up the great work, the show is lots of fun!  -  Ken 2/4/2008   Our web site:   www.jerrydarlakandthetouch.com
I got to listen & download your Program & I really enjoyed it! - Abe 2/4/2008
Your internet program is hilarious.  Never heard such funny songs. - Marianna 2/6/2008 
thanks for added atomik in your show! - Dare - 2/11/08  watch this: video 
Caught the show many times and enjoy the fun - Carol - 2/13/08  Donate to help brain injured people
I'm really astounded by your promotion of polkavideos, PAC, and recently Gary Sredzienski.  Thank you for all that you do for polka music & polka people, you are one in a million, absolutely! - JohnZ - 2/16/08
Wildman, Enjoy your shows and also your philosophy of life.  Keep bringing joy in people's hearts!! - Stas K. - 2/29/08 
your show STINKS .  you should have your head redone with a hammer - Jim Colden - 3/12/08 
Keep up the good work.  I know doing a show isn't that easy, though fun!  You're appreciated. - Rose - Phoenix,AZ - 3/8/08
I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!  Thanks! - BIG DADDY KAHUNA - 3/16/08 - myspace.com/bigdaddykahuna2
What's up WILD WILSON?!!  Big Daddy Kahuna here and I can't begin to tell you how much I love your show.  You already know how big of a fan I am of your POLKA SHOW!  I started listening to your ROCK & SWINGS show and it is like being on a musical Roller Coaster Ride!!  It is FANTASTIC!! - 4/3/08
Wildman, I like the new look on the site...I'm getting mine redone soon...keep it going! - Alex Meixner - 4/4/08 
Show 283 Portion 2 reference - Hey Hey, what a show, what a voice!  Frank couldn't compare to you, no sir! - JV  4/21/08
You have a very good format to the show which is entertaining.  Keep up the good work and for keeping Polkas alive. - Bruno Mikos - 4/30/08 
I was working in the Garden & took a Break & put your Program on! I really enjoy the Difference in your Program compared to others! - Abe C. Allentown, PA - 5/25/08 
Great show....I think it's fantastik the wild wacky way you present everything. - Rob Savickis - 6/13/08 
listened to your shows recently, i do enjoy, it did bring a smile to this old grumps face LOL. Keep up the great job. - Jim Miller  7/24/08
"Sugar Bush" is the catch phrase at our house since we heard the tune on the show.  [:O) - Mike B. - 8/3/08
Great polka show on your website - Žiga Satler - 8/6/08 
"Doctor Kielbasa gives the Wildman a clean bill of health. You came for your dose of polka music and Doctor Kielbasa provided the shot needed to keep on going and producing the great shows." - Jim - 9/23/08 
Hey Wildman.....You're the most creative broadcaster I know.  You're always having fun. - Bill Flynn - 10/31/08
Lee and I are listening to show 308 right now and it's so funny!  thank you!  - Susan Sochon - 12/13/08 
#308 great show! great entertainment. thanks so much wildman!! - Phillip Nadvesnik - 12/14/08 
Hi, love your shows.  Very interesting as to the different types of music and subjects you have.  Not the same old, same old  - Connie in  NY - 2/9/09  
.......thanks so much for all you do for the genre and for us all.  God bless you buddy - Gary Sredzienski - 2/14/09
WW- Thanks a pantload for playing my song! I love the show too. Great stuff and a lotta fun. All the best- Red Peters - 3/7/09 
I am a big fan of your show. You provide that perfect amount of overwhelming chaos that I love to hear.  - Jiggers Karsten - 4/27/09
I think your show is just great! No one has ever heard music like yours, just wonderful - Charles Sala - 5/3/2009
I am on your mailing list and I never fail to listen to your recorded shows more than once during the week but today I happen to be listening on 24/7   Again, just a note to tell you how much I enjoy you. - Charles Sala - 9/20/2009
I heard you say these were piano accordionists, but Mario Tacca plays the chromatic accordion not the piano accordion. Great show but too bad I was not on it ha ha , Later take care, Tom Demski - 9/20/2009
"Thanks for playing my song "The Beer Hall In Hell" on your Oct. 11th show. What more could a ghoul want? Airplay from both Dr. Demento & Wild Wilson- Whoo Hoo!!!!" Veronique Chevalier - 10/10/2009

Never want to miss a show - Charles Sala - 4/10/2010

5/16/2010 Thanks a bunch for spinning the CD. I enjoy your show. - Gene Lichnovsky

Seriously...I do like your music that you play and typing with a big smile on my face.  Either I am enjoying your show or I have gas...I don't know.  DJ Paulie - 5/21/2010

Wildman keep doing what you're doing! - Mike Surratt - 6/7/2010

Wildman, enjoy your irreverent treatment of Polkas and the break from the usual.  Expect the unexpected from Wild Wilson. - Dave Pavlock: Pensacola, FL - 10/23/2010

am listening to your Christmas broadcast on "24/7 polkaheaven" and enjoying it IMMENSELY!  glad you're bringing a younger, livelier "spin" to the show. thanks much and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! - Frank Fox  - 1/4/2011
John Z said this of show 413 for the week of Feb 20, 2011 "Somewhat of an unusual program for you this week, but the music selection was excellent, it was kind of a relaxing program"
Karen Sztaba on 2/25/2011 "I think of you often because we call our dog (an Australian Shepherd) Wildman because he is nuts, high energy, and crazy!"
"Thank you Wildman for handing me your card at Trader Joes.  Had no idea what I was missing out on." - Jason  3/27/2011
"You have some great ideas." - Richie A (Polka Hot Spot Show) - 5/2/2011
W2-You're the best my friend!  Thanks for the spins.  Rojo   1/19/2012
I’m here in FLorida listening to your show and the dog treat story.  Keep up the good work. - Dave Pavlock  Pensacola, FL  1/18/2011
 i enjoy your show every week on 247 polkaheaven! great funny show always & you are funny indeed! great listen always! - Jerry Soliwoda  April 20, 2012

Yo Wildman, thanks for the disc you handed me after the show Saturday night. Drove from Minn. to Indiana the next day so we rocked your show twice! Very cool selections and thanks for your support on air!!! We appreciate it. Anyhow, I really dug your show. Keep em guessing!   Scotty Morris 4/2012 

 Love your program.  Keep up the good work.  Frank Graham - Iowa  1/3/2013 

Love your show,John  The Garbonzos  1/24/2013
Enjoyed the 502 show. Great for a brisk walk - Romey Craig Fluck  March 20, 2013
Listening to it right now .. oh boy .. you crack me up with the way you talk and your comments. Love it .. LOL !!  - Marina - March 20, 2013
Thanks, Amy and I both thought that was funny and cool. We both
         agree, you are a very good entertaining dj -
         Bryan of Velahsa - March 24, 2014
Thank you for the song dedication. I especially liked the song, "If
         I were a Rich Man" - Marilyn B. - April 13, 2014
I love these promos; looking forward to hearing this one.  The last one, with the lawn mowing bit, was just great.
         You guys are good together…love that radio theater! - John E. - November 11, 2014