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Danika was on Q106.5 in Ben Harbor, Maine this morning October 2, 2015 - She tells a couple of stories and sings for us too.   Find out more about her and purchase her music at DanikaPortz.com

Danika Portz interview Oct 2, 2015

Maura contacted me the middle part of June and I listened to Andrew's music and told her it was pretty cool.  After a few more mails she said we'll be in town this day are you interested in Andrew in studio for an interview and bada-bing here it is.   You can find more about Andrew by going to AndrewTufano.com and Maura's blog of their travels is at MauraMazurowski.com


Andrew Tufano Interview

On the Wildman Rocks & Swings Show for April 2014 I metioned of the Beatlesons' Interview Show and here it is from August 2, 2009.  
Check out the promo as it's kinda fun too.   Enjoy the show with the interviews.  Thanks for listening!

Beatleson's Interview Show Promo

Beatleson's Interview Show Track 1

Beatleson's Interview Show Track 2

The Beatlesons 2014 - click for actual size of photo not life size

Polkaholics on German Radio 8/15

Click link above to hear this interview on RadioIns.de August 15, 2013  

Here's how the German translated from the website:

"We drink because we have Polka", "my wife is drunk", "I get drunk with my boss" - the songs of the Chicago band The Polkaholics it's really only two things: polka dancing and drinking until the doctor comes the beer tent is their favorite concert hall. With high speed, the trio polka and rock can collide and at their concerts it is always at the end as at the Munich Oktoberfest, when tapped in Schottenhammel.

Don Hedeker Interview

click the link above to hear the interview with Don Hedeker of the Polkaholics by Russ Forster from his radio show "Punk Prescription" from San Francisco

Richard Milne interview Polkaholics

On the Local Anesthetic show from February 28, 2010 host Richard Milne does an interesting interview with Chicago's Polkaholics: Dandy Don, Jolly James, and Stylin' Steve

Bubba Hernandez interview 3.16.2010

Bubba Hernandez interview on the Tom Michaels 'Talk at Ten' click the link above to hear and enjoy it!

Delta Dick interviews the Wildman

The timing was great and Delta Dick interviewed the Wildman March 9, 2009 after the release of the CD released from DJCompanionRecords Click link above to hear the interview