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What a day at the Minnesota State Fair on August 27, 2008!   Bubba Hernandez & Alex Meixner (you've got to see this man get into doing what he does) played up a storm that freaked us all with great talent and music!  Matt on Drums, and Scrot on guitar.  Deb helps to promote the guys and all. Thanks for a great musical show! 

PolkaFreakOut/wildfreaksout.JPG PolkaFreakOut/MattWeb.jpg PolkaFreakOut/jammingtogether.JPG PolkaFreakOut/freakingout.JPG
PolkaFreakOut/EveryoneWeb.JPG PolkaFreakOut/crowdWebSized.jpg PolkaFreakOut/BubbaSmilesForWeb.jpg PolkaFreakOut/BubbaSingsforWeb.jpg
PolkaFreakOut/BubbaDebAlexWebSize.jpg PolkaFreakOut/ScrotForWeb.jpg PolkaFreakOut/alexMattWeb.JPG PolkaFreakOut/AlexButtonForWeb.jpg
PolkaFreakOut/AlexBlowsBubbaSmilesForWeb.jpg PolkaFreakOut/AlexWildBubbaWebGrade.jpg

It was ccccold at Iron World June of 2004.  It did really warm up as the music was hot with Alex Meixner blowing his horn, Eddie Korosa Jr. wowed the ladies in his grass skirt while squeezing the box, and Steve Meisner getting inducted into the hall of fame, and Verne and Steve performing together.

IronWorld2004/SteveAwarded.JPG IronWorld2004/GoVerneGowithSteve.JPG IronWorld2004/EddieKorosa.JPG IronWorld2004/AlexMeixner.JPG

Oktober 12, 2008 at the St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake, WI    John Filipczak & the Classics played along with Steve Meisner with his band guests Denny Anderson and Tom Brusky.   Fred Axberg invited the Wildman up on the stage to play cowbell on Sweet Marianna click the link below hear some of it.  It was fun!   Also along with Steve is Scott on accordion and Jason Goldsmith on saxaphone.

Sweet Marianna link

StCroixCasino/StCroixCasinoSign.jpg StCroixCasino/JohnFilipczakStageView.jpg StCroixCasino/EntryStCroixCasino.jpg StCroixCasino/WildWilsonFred.jpg
StCroixCasino/FredAxberg.jpg StCroixCasino/FilipczakBandClose.jpg StCroixCasino/JohnFilipczak.jpg StCroixCasino/ScottDennyJasonTomSteve.jpg

The Beatlesons from Dusseldorf, Germany.  Check out their fun polka music at iTunes, myspace, or their site.  From left to right there are: Jürgen, Monique, Phillip (white jacket), Markus (in 247Polkaheaven shirt), Thorsten (with the beer bottle), Thomas (called "Mieze" with hat). Back row left to right: Helge, Michael (called "Motorslash") and Ralf (with hat).  Markus here with his new drums, which he loves!  It was great to help!

Bands/Beatleson.jpg Bands/Beatlesons.jpg

Brave Combo at the Cedar Cultural Center April 3rd, 2009  What a beautiful evening it was to hear & see Carl Finch, Jeffrey Barnes, Danny O'Brien, Arjuna Contreras, Ross Schodek.  What a great great show it was.  They were hot and pushed what they, do to new limits.  The Wildman was honored to introduce the band that night.  Hear that file as well as Arjuna playing it hot on the drums on a snipit of 'Do Something Different' click below.

Brave Combo introed by the Wildman

Arjuna - Do Something Different

BCatCedar/WholeBand.jpg BCatCedar/GoCarlGo.jpg BCatCedar/DancingFans.jpg BCatCedar/ChowTime.jpg
BCatCedar/ArjunaRoss.jpg BCatCedar/1.jpg BCatCedar/MoreBandShot.jpg

The 8th Anniversary & Wild Wilson Show Polka Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  In the studio on Oktober 4, 2009 was none other than Leggo Lambe from the Whiskey Sournotes.  Had a great time with laughs and insights.   Hear the induction on the WWSPHF page.
Also you can see a performance from Leggo Lambe and his Whiskey Sournotes by clicking this link

AnniversaryShow/LeggoSmiles.jpg AnniversaryShow/LeggoAndWild1.jpg AnniversaryShow/LeggoAndWild.jpg AnniversaryShow/Leggo.jpg

Was at the Eagles Club #34 November 4, 2009 for Louisiana night.  It was a great delight because Copper Box did it super right! Michelle Jerabek - washboard, sax, flute, guitar, and vocals Danny Jerabek - button accordion, trumpet, keyboards, kazoo, and vocals Kevin Junemann - bass, ukulele Jason Van Ryzin - drums, triangle. Also pictured Denny Anderson, Wildman, Chris Dozak

CopperBox/KevinUke.jpg CopperBox/JasonAndKevin.jpg CopperBox/ItsShowTime.jpg CopperBox/GoDannyGo2.jpg
CopperBox/GoDannyGo.jpg CopperBox/Danny.jpg CopperBox/TotallyDennyAndersonWildmanChrisDozak.jpg CopperBox/SmilinCopperBox.jpg
CopperBox/MichelleSmiles.jpg CopperBox/MichelleBlowsSax.jpg

The picture with blue carpet is how studio looked before anything happened August 2009.  The new studio is up and running.  Did show #351 for the week of November 22, 2009 was excited to get in the studio again and enjoy the new digs!  Of course the world's greatest couch had to come along too.  I'll be putting up pictures, posters etc...on the wall too eventually Cool The one with me with arms spread is during the 500th show from February 2013 with studio guest Lady Vol.   Picture of the wall of photos and such are from May 2013. 

NewStudio/studiodesk.jpg NewStudio/guestspot.jpg NewStudio/photowallandcouch.jpg NewStudio/photowall.JPG
NewStudio/JaimePhotosWildmanAt500.jpg NewStudio/StudioBeenDone.JPG NewStudio/StudioB4.jpg NewStudio/Studio4.jpg
NewStudio/Studio3.jpg NewStudio/Studio2.jpg NewStudio/Studio1.jpg NewStudio/Studio.jpg

February 20, 2010 at Floyd's Bar it was another wonderful night of Copper Box musical stylings!

CBxFeb2010/2035.jpg CBxFeb2010/2036.jpg CBxFeb2010/2038.jpg CBxFeb2010/2037.jpg
CBxFeb2010/2039.jpg CBxFeb2010/2042.jpg CBxFeb2010/2045.jpg CBxFeb2010/2062.jpg
CBxFeb2010/2061.jpg CBxFeb2010/2064.jpg CBxFeb2010/2066.jpg CBxFeb2010/2065.jpg
CBxFeb2010/2069.jpg CBxFeb2010/2071.jpg CBxFeb2010/2074.jpg CBxFeb2010/2083.jpg
CBxFeb2010/2078.jpg CBxFeb2010/2087.jpg CBxFeb2010/2086.jpg