The Wildman Rocks 'n' Swings
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I love your show. You play a lot of songs that I never heard of before and they are Fantastic. Your personality is very strong and you are very gifted in coming across with your shows. March 13, 2010  DJ Paulie

DJ Paulie Show Weekend 3/27/10

Hear the DJ Paulie show from YouShook.com from the weekend of March 27, 2010 click above - stereo sound

the Wildman Rocks and Swings for May 2017
Please find the sound files located below each of the show portions playlist or
hear the whole show non stop by clicking this YouShook.com link and click on the Wildman picture in the window

Stereo sound to make your listening enjoyment better


Portion 1  April  39:04
House Party - The High Strung
Waving My Arms in the Air - Syd Barrett
I Never Lied to You - Syd Barrett
News of the weird (crime report)
Waste on You - Velahsa
Warning - Black Sabbath
Just Try to Stop Me - Danika Portz
IGOTCHU - Gabbie Rae
New Concepts Plumbing and Heating
Plexiglass Toilet - Styx
Real men of genius 

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 1

Portion 2 April 31:21
The Distributors - American Standard Singers
For All You’ve Done for Us - Tom Brusky
They’re Red Hot - Hugh Laurie
Boom Babba Do BA Dabba - Powersolo
News of the weird (government in action)
Candyman - Kahimi Karie
Hey You - No Doubt
This Ain’t Dixie - AJ Jansen
My Heart, My Heart - Luther Wright & the Wrongs
Mitches Bait n’ Sport
Pete’s Crab Shack 

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 2

Portion 3 April  21:55
My Church - Maren Morris
Aberdine - DJhi-fispy
News of the weird (pretetions)
Be My Baby - the Dollyrots
Take it Off - The Donnas
Vicky - Brute Force
Wild Ones - Nick Gilder

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 3



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