The Wildman Rocks 'n' Swings
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I love your show. You play a lot of songs that I never heard of before and they are Fantastic. Your personality is very strong and you are very gifted in coming across with your shows. March 13, 2010  DJ Paulie

DJ Paulie Show Weekend 3/27/10

Hear the DJ Paulie show from YouShook.com from the weekend of March 27, 2010 click above - stereo sound

the Wildman Rocks and Swings for March 2017
Please find the sound files located below each of the show portions playlist or
hear the whole show non stop by clicking this YouShook.com link and click on the Wildman picture in the window

Stereo sound to make your listening enjoyment better


Portion 1  March 2007  59:20
I Theme The Biggest Ball of Twine in MN - Weird Al
Everything You know is wrong - Weird Al
Sympathy for the Devil - the Beatlesons
White Wedding - the Beatlesons
Take Me out to the Ballgame - Bruce Springstone
I Don't want to Set the World on Fire - the Ink Spots
If I didn't Care - the Platters
Sunny Days - Copper Box
In the Still of the Night - Steve Lawrence
Can't Understand My Accent - Larry the Cable Guy
Terri's Tips (umbrellas) 

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 1

Portion 2 March 2010 46:23
I'm Hip - Mel Torme'
I ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of my Jelly Roll - Bobby Darian & Johnny Mercer
Mister White Keys - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Old Man Time - Joe Pesci
Dig You Later - Perry Como
A Guy is A Guy - Doris Day
Outre Space - Ace Frehley
Whatever Turs You On - Gene Simmons
Dancing with Myself - Billy Idol
Permanet Vacation - Aerosmith
Let's Go Crazy - Incubus
Sweetheart Bread 

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 2

Portion 3 March 2005  38:35
Summer of Love - John Mellencamp
Break Me Off Some - John Mellencamp
This is My Song - Al Martino
If - Perry Como
I'll Hold You in My Heart - Don Walser
Achy Breaky Song - Weird Al
Tangled Up in You - Gene Loves Jezebel
Smooth Dancer - Deep Purple
Keep Holding Me - the Muffs
Outro...Paddy O'Mally

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 3



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