The Wildman Rocks 'n' Swings
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I love your show. You play a lot of songs that I never heard of before and they are Fantastic. Your personality is very strong and you are very gifted in coming across with your shows. March 13, 2010  DJ Paulie

DJ Paulie Show Weekend 3/27/10

Hear the DJ Paulie show from YouShook.com from the weekend of March 27, 2010 click above - stereo sound

the Wildman Rocks and Swings for January 2018
Please find the sound files located below each of the show portions playlist or
hear the whole show non stop by clicking this YouShook.com link and click on the Wildman picture in the window

Portion 1  January  30:07
It Only Took a Kiss - BBVD w/ Meaghan Smith
Fantasy - Future Lisa
Nicole Rode liner
Used to Love the Sun - RapeDoor
News of the weird (compelling explanations)
I’ve got a Crush on You - Linda Ronstadt
I’m Not One - Velahsa
Bud Light
Mark’s Southern Style

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 1

Portion 2 January   34:03
Don’t Pass Me By - Ringo Starr
Good for Nuthin’ - Honeybrowne
News of the weird (sounds like a joke)
Getoverture/No Mercy - The Tubes
The Next Time We Wed - The Fratellis
Santa Monica - Everclear
Aberdeen - DJhi-fispy
Liz & Jullonne liner
Photograph - Ringo Starr
Pizza Hut
Sun Country Wine Cooler

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 2

Portion 3 January 28:50
Lovely Hula Hands
Life’s a Beach - Surf Punks
News of the weird (questionable judgement)
Muscle Museum - Muse
The Next Time Around - Little Joy
Forever Song - Mosquitos
News of the weird (what could go wrong?)
A Picture in a Frame - Johnny Prill
My Merciless Land - The Supreme Soviet of Love

128 bps Rocks & Swings Portion 3



I enjoy to bring you an variety variety variety!!!
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the great Leggo Lambe ladies and gentleman