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2004 inductees are:
Tony Lee for the "Ebola Polka" for the song.
Eddie Blazonczyk - polka's true "polka hero"

Click to hear 2004 induction

2005 inductees are:
the Crusade for "Baby Doll" for the song.
Polka Family for polka band of the year

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2006 inductees are:
Renata and Girls, Girls, Girls
Johnny Prytko

Click to hear 2006 induction part 1

Click to hear 2006 induction part 2

2007 inductees are:
LynnMarie & Charlie Kelley

Thank you and congratulations to nominees of 2007
Oktober 8, 2006 from Yo YoMatka nominated the Wildman
December 10, 2006  the Dyna Brass nominated by Peter Brophy
December 24, 2006 Matty Rock & Johnny Jay Band by Frank Stipko
January 21, 2007  Copper Box by Kevin Hemb
March 18, 2007  Steve Meisner by the Dude
May 27, 2007 LynnMarie & Charlie Kelley by Nos
May 27, 2007 Richie Yurkovich & Polkarioty by Michelle Genrich
May 27, 2007 Dick Pillar by JohnZ
May 27, 2007 Bernie Goydish by Johnz

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Nominations for 2008
New nomination coming for show 275 get your nominations in 
March 2, 2008 by Mary Jo for Mike (Fog) OBryan and his accordion of Nuance...and old Uncles
March 28, 2008 by Big Daddy Kahuna - Jr. & the Versatones, Jerry Darlak & the Touch 
April 4, 2008 by Alex Meixner - Joe Oberaitis
June 1, 2008 by Bob from Ohio - Atomik Harmonik 
August 10, 2008 by Ed from Virginia - LynnMarie's Party Dress, Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push, Purple People Eater Polka? 
Sept 28, 2008 by the Wildman - Michelle Genrich & John Ziobrowski 
Induction for 2008
LynnMarie for her Party Dress CD
Jerry Darlak & the Touch for Polka peep  

Click to hear 2008 induction

Nominees for 2009

Polkacide by  Edward Davidson (E.D.) on January 5th

Copperbox by Kevin Hemb "Stumpffer" on January 10th 

Rob Savickis by Wild Wilson in September 

Induction for 2009

Congratulations to Copper Box

click to hear 2009 induction

Nominees for 2010
Happy Schnapps Combo by Rosemary Guy November 15, 2009
Michelle Genrich, Ray Zalokar, John Ziobrowski by Rob Savickis April 23, 2010
Wild Wilson by Robert Sawtell September 7, 2010 and James Watson on September 19 before the show aired
The Happy Schnapps Combo and their song Please Pass The Schnapps by Kevin Hemb Sept 25 whilst doing show
Inductions for 2010
The Happy Schnapps Combo and their song Please Pass The Schnapps
Michelle Genrich, Ray Zalokar, John Ziobrowski

click for 2010 induction ceremony

Nominations for 2011
Ken Zagar by the Cleveland Style Polkas - January 23, 2011
Don Hedeker of the Polkaholics fame by Rob Savickis - Jan 30, 2011
Alex Meixner by Wild Wilson September 25, 2011
Induction for 2011 with Special Special guest Caitlin Doebler
Don Hedeker of the Polkaholics
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2012 Hall Of Fame Induction

Congratulations Brave Combo!

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Nominations for 2014

Alex Meixner
the Mad Maggies
the Beatlesons
Gary Sredzienski
Fritz's Polka Band

The new inductee for 2014 is... Gary Sredzienski

Hear the ceremony by clicing the link below

Induction Ceremony 2014

2016 Hall of fame inductee is none other than
thee talented Steve Meisner from Whitewater, WI

Steve Meisner Induction 2016