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 Wild Wilson Show #673 May 1-15, 2020  #164

Wildman I’m...Theme
Sunday Chinese Dinner - Stan Ross
Caitlin liner
Ebola Polka - Tony Lee
News of the weird
Sick, Sober, and Sorry - Dick Rodgers
Naj Se Dviga (let it rise) - Turbo Angels
Get Together Polka - The Hiss
Mitch Berg liner & pitch
Ishmail’s Music & Meat
The Happy Wanderer - Louis Prima
Message from Johnny Prill
I Love - Johnny Prill
News of the weird
We Can Get Drunker Den Youse - The Happy Schnapps Combo
Lost on the Shore - Steve Meisner
Oriental Hula - The Crusade
Lottery Song - The Goldentones
Magnum & Higgins
Hawaiian Polka - Alex Meixner
Bean Bag Polka - Johnny Prytko
Flea Fly - The Beat
outro..back up inside of her
Think and Grow Rich (148-156) - Napolean Hil

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WWS #673 May 1, 2020

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Wild Wilson Show # 674 May 16, 2020

Damn it Rufus...Theme
Dosvedanya Mio Bombino - Pink Martini
Drink and look no further - Paul Rogers
News of the weird
What’ll Ya Have - The East-Side Groove
Meow Meow Meow Polka - Lil’ Wally
Here is FPB/The Party Continues - Fritz’s Polka Band
The Dummy Song - Louis Prima
Red Wing - Patty and the Buttons
Sing with Me a Hallelujah - Walt Groller
Getaway - Copper Box
Angry White Boy Polka - Weird Al
News of the weird
Adnrew the Mailman - The Chardon Polka Band
I’m in Love - Tom Brusky
Fishin’ for Bass - Dick Tady Orchestra
Think and Grow Rich (157-160) - Napolean Hil
The Best of ‘Em - The Dreadnoughts
Tribute - Fritz’s Polka Band


To enjoy the show please click the link below -


WWS #674 May 16, 2020

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