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 Wild Wilson Show #669 March 1-15, 2020  #159

I’ll order the pizza
I’d Go Crazy (if it weren’t for polka music) - Johnny Prytko
Butthead Polka - Larry Heagle
Some People Change - Copper Box
Painter’s Polka - John Gora & Gorale
Lunatix - The Beatlesons
Pizza Polka - Charles Magnante
I’m in Love - Johnny Prill
To Be an American - Jan Lewan
News of the weird
Hey there Girlie Girlie - Polka Family
I’ll Kiss her on the Lips and Leave Her Behind for You - Polka Jets
Helena Polka - Nathan Neuman
Lunar Night - Ot Vinta
Everywhere You Go - Gaylord Klancnik
Stuntman Mad Mike
Bella Donna - Rudiger Schima
outro...than rules
Think and Grow Rich (134-136) - Napolean Hill
The First Time ever I saw Your Face - Sharon & the Clams

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WWS #669 March 1, 2020

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Wild Wilson Show # 670 March 16, 2020

The Paunee...Theme
St. Patrick’s Day - The Polkaholics
Delta Dick liner
Too Drunk Polka - The Barley Boys
News of the weird
Finger Polka - Johnny Bud & his Polka Dots
Don’t Let the Stars get in Your Eyes - Los Pistoleros
Polka Face - Saul Rabinowitz
The (Golden) Clarinet Polka - The Polka Brothers
The Jingle Bells Polka - Thomas Gagnon
Perfidia - Brave Combo
Cool Jazz Ciggys
Joseph, Joseph - Patty& the Butons
Cory Pesaturo liner
          - Cory Pesaturo
Kevin Solecki & Cory Pesaturo
News of the weird
Ukrainian Polka - Kevin Solecki
Big Lou - Terry Carleton
Irish Washerwoman - Europa Band
outro...Irish dad!
Think and Grow Rich (136-140) - Napolean Hill


To enjoy the show please click the link below -


WWS #670 March 16, 2020

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