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 Wild Wilson Show #685 November 1-15, 2020  #176
Who the hell...Theme
II want to Polka You - The Chardon Polka Band
Polka written about you - The Polka Brothers
Baby Doll II - The Polka Brothers
Goblin Humppa - The Dreadnoughts
Iron Ore - Steven Solkela
Bad Moon Rising - Doctor Kielbasa
All She wants to do is Polka - Rotondi
United Liquors
My Blue Heaven - Happy Louie
Slim Whitman Medley - Mary Schneider
News of the weird
Italian Nights Waltz - Hank Thunander
Tomcat Polka - Gene Lichnovsky
Swinging Doors - Jimmy K & Ethnic Jazz
BierPolka - Polkaholix
AK 47 Kaputt - Vladiwoodstok
Think and Grow Rich (200-203) - Napolean Hill

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WWS #685 November 1, 2020

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Wild Wilson Show # 686 November 16, 2020

What is better...Theme
Now that’s what I call Polka! - Weird Al
World News Polka - Alex Meixner
News of the weird
Born to Be Alive - The Beatlesons
Big Daddy Kahuna liner
Touch Me - Nathan Neuman
MeWe.com  Wild Wilson
Dixie Polka - Navihanke
Clarinet Polka - Whoopee John
Frigidaire for Christmas
Mermaid Polka - Tom Mroczka & TMB
God Bless the USA - Tom Mroczka & TMB
Just Because - The Polkaholics
Looks Can Be Deceiving - Johnny Prill
Snowflake Reel - Brave Combo
News of the weird
Polka Shoes - Mike Surratt
My Boyfriend’s Polka - Pan Franek, Zosia & the Polka Towners
Think and Grow Rich (205-209) - Napolean Hill

Polkaman Jack's show link


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WWS #686 November 16, 2020

Carl Finch & Danny Jerabek new CD November 2012
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15 years of music out of this world
15 years of music out of this world
November 2012 Polly Maynard.com
Releases 3/1/2009 at DJCompanionRecords.com
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Uncle Touchy Goes To College
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