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 Wild Wilson Show #677 July 1-15, 2020  #168

What time...Theme
Star Spangled Banner - Happy Schnapps Combo
Nia Moore - Turning Point Activist
God Bless America - Fritz's Polka Band
Get Together Polka - Hiss
News of the weird
All Dressed Up Polka - The Honky Hoppers
Marian - Feorge Baker Selection
Bublichki - Golem
Extremist Polka - Brute Force
Larry Elder Vibration
Precious Freedom - Brave Combo
Mike Surratt liner
California Sun - Mike Surratt
News of the weird
The Stars and Stripes Forever - Walt Procanyn
America This Song's for You - Johnny Prill
American Patrol - The international Sound Machine
Statue of Liberty Polka - John Stanky and the Coal Miners
Hoe Down - Alex Meixner
Think and Grow Rich (175-178) - Napolean Hil

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WWS #677 July 1, 2020

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Wild Wilson Show # 676 June 16, 2020

This is...Theme
If It Wasn’t for Your Father, would Your Mother
Be Your Your Mother, so Remember Dad on
Mother’s Day - Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg
The Love of a Father - Jayme Dawicki/Tom Brusky
Hop Scotch Polka - Copper Box
Aja Sam - Brave Combo
Keystone Polka - Verne & Steve Meisner
Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay - Walt Solek
The Sexual Intercourse Polka - The Whiskey Sournotes
Daisy Dukes & Cowboy Boots - Fritz’s Polka Band
Midnight Train Polka - Jan Lewan
Autumn Leaves - Verne & Steve Meisner
Mystery Spot Polka - Brave Combo
Hammer and Nails Polka - Pat Zoromski
Think and Grow Rich (169-173) - Napolean Hill


To enjoy the show please click the link below -


WWS #676 June 16, 2020

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