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 Wild Wilson Show #665 January 1-15, 2020  #156

Hi this is...theme
Aja Sam - Brave Combo
Liz & Jullonne liner
Touch Me - Nathan Neuman
Brave Combo plays Knuckleheads Saloon 13 December 2019
America This Song’s for You - Johnny Prill
Star Wars Polka - Die Sauerkrauts
Michael Medved liner
Strauss Medley - The Sauerkrauts
Krystal restaurant
White Castle
Burger Dance - DJ Otzi
Long Island/theme song with explanation - Johnny Prytko
Lara’s Theme - Johnny Prytko
Accordion Polka - Kryger Brothers (Bill Flynn)
News of the weird (family values)
I Saw a Girl Today - Alex Meixner
Polka Your Eyes Out - Weird Al
Mystery Spot Polka - Brave Combo
Just Because - The Polkaholics
God Bless America - Fritz’s Polka Band
Outro...thank God!
Think & Grow Rich 122-125  - Napolean Hill

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WWS #665 January 1, 2020

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Wild Wilson Show # 666 January 16, 2020
Special guests Fly Guy & Julie Scrumptious

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...theme
Beer Barrel Polka - The Polkaholics
Michael Medved liner
Amish Paradise - Weird Al
News of the weird
Octopus’s Garden Polka - Scott Chapin
Another Brick in the Wall - Polka Floyd
In Heaven There is No Beer - !Polkafinger!
Closer to the Heart - RASH
News of the weird
How I want You Honey - Pat Zoromski
Baby Doll Polka - Frank Yankovic
outro...came to see

Think & Grow Rich (125-128)  Napoleon Hill

To enjoy the show please click the link below -


WWS #666 January 16, 2020

Carl Finch & Danny Jerabek new CD November 2012
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15 years of music out of this world
15 years of music out of this world
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Uncle Touchy Goes To College
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