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 Wild Wilson Show #694 March 1-15, 2021  #184

Cuckoo sounds...theme
I’m a Cider Drinker - The Wurzels
Nakuryla Grandmother Crane - Ot Vinta
News of the weird
Typewriter Polka - Freeze Dried
Paul Geiger You Shook ID
Paczki Polka - Copper Box
It Doesn’t Matter - Fritz’s Polka Band
Amazing Baby - The Beatlesons
Dr. Benson the Credit Psychiatrist
Spud Beer
Young Maiden Polka - Red Raven Orchestra
I’d Go Crazy - Johnny Prytko
Rush Limbaugh December 23, 2020
Birthday Parties, Love, and Red Balloons - Johnny Prill
Lady Vol liner
My Daugther Mary Polka - The Casuals
Belly Button Polka - The Garbonzos
Happy Birthday & Sto Lat Polka - Gene Wisniewski
Think and Grow Rich (239-241) - Napolean Hill

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WWS #694 March 1, 2021

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WWS  #693  February 16, 2021   #183


Did you know…Theme

I was Made for Loving You - Polkaholix

Let’s Plant a Tree - Polka Country Musicians

News of the weird

Somebody Loves You - Polka Jets

Chicken Dance - Polkastra

I Still Miss Someone - Polkatown Sound

Wabash Canonball Polka - Polkaland Band

Wacky Jackie Z liner

Tom’s Tube TVs VCRs and 8 Track Tapes

The Telephone Song - The Polka Family Band

Strychnine Chainsaw Tentacle Polka - Polkafinger

News of the weird

Baby Doll Polka - The Polkaholics

Have a Cigar - The Polka Floyd Show

Sarsaparilla Sweetheart - The Polka Brothers

Leggo Lambe liner

Swingin’ the Alphabet - The Polkadellics

Theme from the Little Rascals - The Polkadellics

Outro…you heard it

Think and Grow Rich (233 - 238) - Napolean Hill


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WWS #693 February 16, 2021

Carl Finch & Danny Jerabek new CD November 2012
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15 years of music out of this world
15 years of music out of this world
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Uncle Touchy Goes To College
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