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 Wild Wilson Show #690 January 1-15, 2021  #180

Hi, I’m Ann...Theme
Open the Door - Johnny Prytko
Flashback 689 Christmas eve show
Squeeze Box - Copper Box
Liner Danny Jerabek
Please Pass the Schnapps - Copper Box
News of the weird?
Polka, Polka Blues - Happy Schnapps Combo
Rosetta - Baby Soda
Tom’s Tube TVs, VCRs, and 8-Track Tape Players
I Saw a Rainbow - The Chardon Polka Band
Military Polka - Ray Henry
Love & Family Polka - Zupe & the Polka Cammandos
Musicians in Heaven - The Honky Hoppers
Marianne Polka - Bud Hundenski & the Corsairs
Doughnut Polka - Frank Wojnarowski
Sunshine - Danny Jerabek
Outro...a snack
Think and Grow Rich (216-220) - Napolean Hill

To enjoy the show please click the link belo 

WWS #690 January 1, 2021

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WWS  #691  January 16, 2021   #181

Hi, I just...Theme
You Crrossed the Line - The Boxmasters
Gute Freunde/Jetzt Geht’s Los! - Die Schlauberger
Polkaman Jack http://11966.cloudrad.10:9130/live
Polka Revolution - Zupe & The Polka Cammandos
Hand Teddy Polka - Jeffrey Alan Ross
My Blue Heaven - Copper Box
You & Me Tonight - Frank Borzymowski
News of the weird
My Dearest Polka - The Musicalaires
Mitch Berg liner
Turbo Polka - Atomik Harmonik
Hey! - Fristz’s Polka Band
Who is Brad Carlson - Sharon
My Sweetheart Rosalinda Polka - Concertina AllStars
Everybody’s Reachin’ Out for Someone - The Versatones
Outro...thank you!
Think and Grow Rich (220-229) - Napolean Hill


Here's the link for the shows on where Polkaman Jack is at




Click the link below to enjoy the show



WWS #691 January 16, 2021

Carl Finch & Danny Jerabek new CD November 2012
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15 years of music out of this world
15 years of music out of this world
November 2012 Polly Maynard.com
Releases 3/1/2009 at DJCompanionRecords.com
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Uncle Touchy Goes To College
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