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Schell's Brewery tour day January 29, 2011.  Tasty treat for our palet and feet, but mostly our palet.  Shelby Roe invited the Wildman and we tasted beers in the Tap Room.  They have a house that was for the workers so they wouldn't have to go all the way back in to New Ulm.  No doubt you see the brewery there.  

2012and2013/MauraWWAndrew.jpg 2012and2013/Beatlesons2014.jpg 2012and2013/WildmanSticker.JPG 2012and2013/JaimePhotosWildmanAt500.jpg
2012and2013/JaimeVoiceWork.JPG 2012and2013/JaimeAboutReady.JPG 2012and2013/JaimeContimplates.JPG 2012and2013/WildmanBlowsCake.JPG
2012and2013/WildAndJaime.JPG 2012and2013/WildmanSteveMeisnerGeorgeStadihar.JPG 2012and2013/WildFritzWalterGabeTom.JPG 2012and2013/TomWildman.JPG
2012and2013/ToplessChristmas.JPG 2012and2013/RayWildWELW.JPG 2012and2013/WildHallFame.jpg

Lady Woodlawn came to visit and do the show #524 for February 1, 2014.  New stickers, well first ever having them March 2013.
Lady Vol comes to help celebrate with the Wildman as we do the 500th show Feb 2, 2013 for airing Feb 10 & 17.  Lady Vol contemplates before doing some voice work. She clicked one of the Wildman to send to her Spence. Here is the promo she did  Portion 1 of show 500  Portion 2 of show 500 
In Cleveland 2012 with Steve & George.  Next with Fritz, Walter, Gabe, and Tom.  Tom minus his bird on the horn & the Wildman. Vivacious Vicki & the Wildman for the Topless Christmas 2012. The Wildman and Ray at WELW on a Saturday morning 2012 - hear the show click this link.  Leggo Lambe makes it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  

ShowGuest/WeThree.jpeg ShowGuest/600crew.JPG ShowGuest/600brats.jpg ShowGuest/600eating.jpg
ShowGuest/Studio581showMrH.JPG ShowGuest/MrHandBurger.JPG ShowGuest/BloodyMaryMrH.JPG

Fly Guy and Julie Scrumptious came to the studio for #666 on January 16, 2020.   The 600th Show April 16, 2017 with Mr. H and Vivacious Vicki.  John Z proposed to his gal on the show as well.  She did say yes, btw.  Mr. H hadn't been in studio since 2004 for show 120. He's come in with style for show 581 June 16, 2016.  We had the break for BBQ and bloody mary's

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The Wildman and his Rocks and Swings can be now also heard on http://youshook.com 

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