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The Dude (he's guested for 13 shows as of 12/07) was there for a show one day and the couch was coined, "the world's greatest couch" from the anniversary/hall of fame show Oct. 2007 Also, Bad Brad The Miss Guided Misanthrope found a place on it for the last show of 2007 on Dec 30
Delta Dick brought his camera and his humoresqueness to show 276 March 2, 2008.  Delta's favorite corner cabinet he spoke of in the final portion of the show. 
Sporting my new t-shirt that i got at a great delicious restaurant called Pastrami Jacks if you're in Minneapolis come have a meal you will want to enjoy again as soon as you have the room! 

OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/WildPastrami.JPG OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/WildShow276Web.jpg OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/TurboAngels.JPG OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/Show276DicksHeaven.JPG
OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/Show276PhotoFeb23.JPG OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/Show276Photo2008Feb23.JPG OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/Pen3.JPG OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/Pen2.JPG
OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/Pen1.JPG OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/Pen.JPG OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/BradnWild22Dec2007.JPG OnTheWorldsGreatestCouch/greatestcouchever.JPG

The Prytko gala celebration of 50 years!  At the Polish Home Septemeber 29, 2007.  John Prytko & John Z, Wildman & Ken Yash as well as with NY Polka Bob.  Bob Prytko with the Maestro's Men in the back ground as they played for our listening and dancing enjoyment.  The tasty buffet.  Robert Stan Andy Johnny Veronica Bob up on the stage performing.  Johnny and Annie.

Opening John Prytko Jr/Ted Niehay

Wildman's Speech

Ted Niehay radio show speech

Clarinet Polka - Maestro's Men

Fiddler's Polka - Prytko Family

PrytkoGala/notlongtilltheeventnow.jpg PrytkoGala/WWNYBob.jpg PrytkoGala/RobertStanAndyJohnnyVeronicaBob.jpg PrytkoGala/buffetline.jpg
PrytkoGala/MaestrosmenandBob.jpg PrytkoGala/KenWild.jpg PrytkoGala/JohnGuests.jpg PrytkoGala/Guestsdancing.jpg
PrytkoGala/JohnJohn.jpg PrytkoGala/JohnAnnie.jpg

JVP's last Polka Madness Show #1

JVP's last Polka Madness Show #2

JVP's last Polka Madness Show #3

The great Johnny Prytko did his last Polka Madness 'European Folk Show' on May 4, 2013. 

Use the links above to enjoy the final show with along with Aldo on this day.

Thank you John for the years of Saturday morning entertainment  you brought me and others for years!

Got a great letter from Monique of the Beatlesons May 24, 2008! Tony Carrillo who does the comic panel F Minus check it out as he's relaxing at home listening the show thinking of a polka panel he could do.  The Wildman rides on a Zamboni.  The governor of MN declares offical MN polka events. The Wildman with his rental accordion January 21, 2008 and practicing during his first lesson from Ken at AccordionHeaven.com  

Singing at the VFW and Thomas Epperson did the caricature of the Wildman swingin' it!  You can find him at (612) 825-1558 - have him at a party or something do to do some for you - lots of fun!


Hans with his classic zundapp 50ccm Racer (for Demo race-ing) and the Dutch flag as Hans is from the Netherlands - he won a contest on the Show in June 2010


Caitlin Doebler special special guest for the Anniversary & Hall of Fame Show #440  Oktober 2, 2011 - give the portion a listen on the WWSPHF page. Not only great radio talent, but highly endorsed for hairstyling


Leggo Lambe (Tom Johnson) a grand great friend and human being, talented creative musician.  RIP Tommy!  Whiskey Sournotes were outstanding thanks to you!  thank you!


misculaneous/PolkaholicsSpaced.JPG misculaneous/PolkaholicsBlueHairedLady.JPG misculaneous/PollysCD.jpg misculaneous/thenicemusicsglow.jpg
misculaneous/DreadnoughtsCover.jpg misculaneous/CandWild.jpg misculaneous/TommyApril2010.JPG misculaneous/WildmansTeam.jpg
misculaneous/JenChristyLindsey.jpg misculaneous/HansNetherlandsWebsite.jpg misculaneous/WildCDinsert.jpg misculaneous/polkabanner.jpg
misculaneous/WildSwingsit.JPG misculaneous/FlowbeeMeAug2008.jpg misculaneous/DJCompanion.jpeg misculaneous/WildEinProsits.JPG
misculaneous/MollyEric.JPG misculaneous/BeatlesonsLetter.JPG misculaneous/wildinpolka.JPG misculaneous/robot.jpg
misculaneous/WildGetsHammered.jpg misculaneous/WWonZamboni.JPG misculaneous/PawlentyPolkaLetter2007.jpg misculaneous/AccordionWildman21January2008.JPG

Brave Combo put on a fabulous show at the MN state fair August 2006.
Band members Carl Finch, Danny O'brien, Jeffrey Barnes, Alan Emert, Ann Marie Harrop
the Wildman pictured with Ann Marie, Jeffrey, and Carl
The picture of the crowd is everyone wacking their foreheads after Carl said, "you'll wack your head cause you'll know this song even though you don't recognize the name of it"
Just came across this picture of Charles & the Wildman so here it is 

BraveComboMnFair2006/WildCharles2006.jpg BraveComboMnFair2006/wackyourhead.JPG BraveComboMnFair2006/WildmanCarl.JPG BraveComboMnFair2006/turcabravecombo.JPG
BraveComboMnFair2006/thebravecombo.JPG BraveComboMnFair2006/JeffreyWildman.JPG BraveComboMnFair2006/CarlDanny.JPG BraveComboMnFair2006/AnnMarieWildman.JPG

LynnMarie and the Boxhounds at the Minnesota State Fair August 28, 2007.  Charlie Kelley on guitar, Tim Dembo on bass guitar, LynnMarie on accordion (really?) Back stage between sets we ate grapes and chatted & laughed.

LynnMarieAtMnFair2007/Fair828WildmanLynn2.jpg LynnMarieAtMnFair2007/Fair828Tim.jpg LynnMarieAtMnFair2007/Fair828CharlieLynnWildman2.jpg LynnMarieAtMnFair2007/Fair828CharlieJammingLynnwatching.jpg

Shotavodka now disbanded, but on a August evening 2004 Mario's Keller Bar John Shudy joined by Gary Hagen of Doctor Kielbasa fame bring his horn to a enjoyable evening of polka while John's sister Marlena played bass, and Marysia kept the beat.

Shotavodka2004/shotavodka.JPG Shotavodka2004/Xjohn.JPG Shotavodka2004/Xgaryhagen.JPG Shotavodka2004/X2marysia.JPG

At Withrow Ballroom March 25, 2007 Steve Meisner and Dave & Lois (the Top Notchmen) entertained us all.  Barb Dux & Dr. Bill Murray danced their way to winning the amateur dance contest.  They always serve up great music, food and drinks at the Withrow Ballroom!  Playing with Steve from L to R is Scott, Denny Anderson on banjo, John, Chris Dossak on drums.

WithrowBallroomMeisner/SteveWildmanlaughing.JPG WithrowBallroomMeisner/DrBill.JPG WithrowBallroomMeisner/ScottDennyJohnSteveandChris.JPG WithrowBallroomMeisner/SteveWildman.JPG
WithrowBallroomMeisner/WildDaveLois.JPG WithrowBallroomMeisner/DaveandLois-theTopNotchmen.JPG WithrowBallroomMeisner/Wildmanselling247polkaheaven.com.JPG

The crowd at the Cedar Cultural Center December of 2006 as Brave Combo had us all dancin for the Christmas dance party.  The Dude (Morrie) and Wild Wilson.  Danny blowing his horn.  Carl on the keys.  Ann Marie & Jeffrey.  Alan Emert on the skins.

BraveComboDec2006/thecrowd.jpg BraveComboDec2006/DudeWild.jpg BraveComboDec2006/Danny.jpg BraveComboDec2006/Carl.jpg
BraveComboDec2006/AnnMarieJeffrey.jpg BraveComboDec2006/Alan.jpg

Gentleman John Battles warmed us up with his original guitar stylings at the Lincoln Square Lanes December 16, 2006.  It's above a hardware store.  Jenny the barmaid hooked us up with Old Style beers all night.  Derek, Ben, Alex, and the Wildman nearer the end of the night at the bowling alley before we went out to the Bourbon Cafe & Carola's Hansa Clipper.  Kitty on the bar doing the Hula Hoop Polka contest.  Don doing his up on the bar guitar playing thang.  (the Wildman did bowl above a hardware store and rolled a 97 while drinking Old Styles).

PolkaholicsBowlingAlley2006/PolkaJohn.jpg PolkaholicsBowlingAlley2006/PolkaJenny.jpg PolkaholicsBowlingAlley2006/Polka4.jpg PolkaholicsBowlingAlley2006/PolkaholicsWild122006.jpg
PolkaholicsBowlingAlley2006/PolkaholicsKittyhulahooping.jpg PolkaholicsBowlingAlley2006/PolkaholicsDononBar.jpg

February 25, 2007 at the Withrow Ballroom the Versatones brought it to us during the amateur dance contest.  Young winners Tyler & Alena with dance professionals Peggy & Jay.  Peggy Steratmeyer & Jay Davie showing us how it's done.  Tyler 12 & Alena 11 dancing their way to victory.  Julianne & the Versatones.  Julianne Mossak set up this big reunion dance.  Peggy, Garret & Lisa Smeltzer (adult amateur dance winners), Jay.  The Dobosenski Brothers together again after 25 years.  Dolina Polish Folk Dancers.  Pat & Ted Eckman dance it up!

WithrowBallroomVersatones/WBVersatones.JPG WithrowBallroomVersatones/WBTylerAlena.JPG WithrowBallroomVersatones/WBPeggySteratmeyerJayDavie.JPG WithrowBallroomVersatones/WBkidscontest.JPG
WithrowBallroomVersatones/WBJulianneVersatones.JPG WithrowBallroomVersatones/WBJulianne.JPG WithrowBallroomVersatones/WBGarretLisaSmeltzer.JPG WithrowBallroomVersatones/WBDobosenskiBrothers.JPG
WithrowBallroomVersatones/PolishDancers.JPG WithrowBallroomVersatones/PatAndTed.JPG

At Martyr's for the Polka Uber Alles debut party February 2006.  Ed & Erica.  JP, Alex, Bill.  Shelley & Bill.  The Wildman with the band at 3 a.m.  James jamming on the bass!   What fabulous glorious memorable night for the debut of a great disc.  The Insidious Rays from PA were great warm up!

PolkaholicsMartyrs2006Debut/EdErica.JPG PolkaholicsMartyrs2006Debut/JPAlexBill.JPG PolkaholicsMartyrs2006Debut/ShellyBill.JPG PolkaholicsMartyrs2006Debut/PolkaholicsMartyrsSign.JPG
PolkaholicsMartyrs2006Debut/PolkaholicsMartyrsWildman.JPG PolkaholicsMartyrs2006Debut/PolkaholicsMartyrs3.JPG PolkaholicsMartyrs2006Debut/PolkaholicsMartyrs2.JPG

Open a beer and click the link below to watch the Beer (Breakfast of Champions)  video

the Polkaholics - Beer (Breakfast of Champions)

The city of Dawson brought LynnMarie & the Box Hounds to play for everyone at the civic center.  It was a marvelous fun time. 

AtDawsonMN/DawsongoLynngo.JPG AtDawsonMN/DawsonLynnMarietheBoxhounds.JPG AtDawsonMN/DawsonCharlieLynnMariejammin.JPG

January 26, 2007 at the Wausau Grand Theatre in Wisconsin it was the first Polka Dancing Stars sponsored Polka America Corporation. Of course a little dress rehearsal is always good on performance day.  Afterwards we went to Tango's (Colonial Ballroom) for Pat Zoromski & the Boys from Polonia.  Michelle Genrich worked very hard and she receives flowers for producing a wonderful show.  Everyone waltzing.  Ashley & Randy Thull were the hit of the night.  It's Polka Happiness producers Timm Gable & Craig DiBiase sharing a cocktail with the Wildman!

PolkaDancingStars/WausauGrandTheatre.JPG PolkaDancingStars/Wausaupolkadancingstarspractice.JPG PolkaDancingStars/WausauPatZoromskitheboys.JPG PolkaDancingStars/WausauFlowers_on_stage.jpg
PolkaDancingStars/Waltz.jpg PolkaDancingStars/Randy_and_Ashley_Waltz.jpg PolkaDancingStars/WausauTim-Wildman-Craig.JPG

The Versatones Thanksgiving polka fest November 2005 in Milwaukee. The Wildman and JR in the hallway photograph.  Had this sign in the Jag window as I raced to beat the snow storm all the way from Minneapolis to Milwaukee as if I didn't I would be delayed an extra 2 hours for the trip.  The Dyna Brass and the Musicalaires were some of the bands that got us all up dancing and enjoying the show. 

MillwaukeeThanksgiving/wildAndjunior.JPG MillwaukeeThanksgiving/Musicalaires.JPG MillwaukeeThanksgiving/Jaguar.JPG MillwaukeeThanksgiving/DynaBrassMillwaukee.JPG